On the return from our first scouting adventure looking for venues, we by accident stumbled upon this hidden piece of paradise and knew instantly that it was the perfect setting for our next feast.

Ingwenya Country Estate lies nestled along the banks of the meandering Crocodile River, hence the name ‘Ingwenya’ meaning ‘crocodile’.   This 124 hectare estate was once a bustling country escape  and even had it’s own expansive polo fields and a flower farm.  Today, it is closed to the public and what a privilege to be allowed access to set up our long table in this idyllic setting.

The estate is vast and full of beautiful surprises – we were spoilt for choice in deciding where to locate our feast on the estate but concluded that a summer lunch in the middle of the tranquil forest would be something of a fantasy away from the concrete jungle of Joburg.  Ingwenya has such a special place in my heart – it has an energy but at the same time, it has peace.

We can’t wait to come back for another feast…


Freshly made cucumber, lime, mint & ginger (don't forget the vodka) welcome drink

Freshly made cucumber, lime, mint & ginger (don’t forget the vodka) welcome drink    * Photo: Brian Smith


Crossing the stream to enter the forest

Crossing the stream to enter the forest    * Photo:  Deon Raath / Rapport


Our goose will show you the way *Photo by Deon Raath / Rapport

Our duck will show you the way   * Photo:  Deon Raath / Rapport


Guests taking their seats *Photo by Brian Smith

Guests taking their seats  * Photo:  Brian Smith



Our guest craft brewer on the day. Superb brews for sure!  * Photo:  Brian Smith



* Photo: Deon Raath / Rapport



* Photo: Deon Raath / Rapport



Enough to make you thirsty! * Photo: Deon Raath / Rapport


*Photo by Deon Raath / Rapport*

*Photo by Deon Raath / Rapport*



* Photo: Brian Smith



*Photo: Deon Raath / Rapport



* Photo: Brian Smith



* Photo: Deon Raath / Rapport



* Photo: Deon Raath / Rapport


Cheers! * Photo: Brian Smith

Cheers! * Photo: Brian Smith



Afternoon snooze under the tree canopy  * Photo:  Deon Raath / Rapport



* Photo: Deon Raath / Rapport



Lets not forget Ruby   * Photo: Brian Smith















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