Down-to-Earth-Farm-Feast-One-003Even though we will focus on the Gauteng area and surrounds, we hosted “Feast 1” on Madola Farm in Piet Retief, which belongs to the Krynauw family.

Dawie Krynauw, the head of the household is one of the most fascinating individuals you will ever meet and his approach to his farm is inspiring. Our dinner party was in for a treat when he brought out, amongst others his homemade gin and blackberry port.

Unfortunately we had to move the meal inside the woodwork studio when we realized that the rain would be an issue, but guests were very pleased nonetheless.

Usually we will place the focus of the meal on the produce from the hosting farm, but also incorporate suitable produce from neighboring farms where necessary. In this case, we were very lucky that Madola could offer us so much variety and our chef for the ocassion, Israeli, Regev Afek designed the following menu:

On Arrival

Gin Codder
Non-alcoholic Red Berry Cooler
Accompanied by
Herbed flat bread bread and Achovy flat bread


Tandoori Chicken Salad


Pot Goat
Slow cooked bread and leg of goat in a pot
Slow stewed Goat
Marinated Flame – Grilled Loin of Goat

All served with
Pan fried Chili Spinach
Grilled Broccoli and Cauliflower salad
Roasted Potatoes

Palette Cleanser

Spicy goat’s milk
An unusual combination of goat’s milk with warm spices


Seasonal Berry* Tart
A heavenly white chocolate biscuit filled with a medley of berries
served with a dollop of Chantilly cream

Accompanied by Blackberry Port

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